What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Is It Done?


Basically Affiliate Marketing is all about referrals and directing traffic to a marketing website.

  • You will receive a % of the purchase when you refer someone to the website and they make a purchase.
  • Your job is to convince your visitors to go to your affiliate’s website and sign up and/or purchase.

In order to receive a referral fee or commission – you find a product that you want to be an affiliate for – something you like or are interested in. Then they provide you with your own URL. Your URL what they will use to keep track of all the information for you – clicks on your link and/or purchases. Usually they will also help out with marketing ideas and email templates.

  • You would hide your affiliate link into an anchor text so that your people click on it and go directly to the marketing site.

Your best choice to earn money is by Indirect Marketing:

Send traffic to a landing page and have an opt in box to obtain your visitor’s email address and name – then you will be building your email list as you send them onto the marketing website.

Free traffic – your signature (your bio) and have your own landing page or blog needs to be included on::

  1. Forums – talk about the information and leave your sig bio
  2. Articles – talking about the information for the product – sending them back your landing page or blog
  3. Provide quality information of value

- A review or experience relevant to the topic

- Establish a relationship with your visitors

- Email newsletters keep visitors interested in you

- Free reports, e-courses, videos, etc.

- You can continue to market your affiliate links in the info you provide to your visitors

Search for Affiliate Marketing through:

  • ClickBank
  • Favorite speakers online
  • Amazon
  • See if companies have an affiliate program – like Best Buy, Target
  • At the bottom it will usually have a link to click for being an affiliate

You do not need to pay to promote their products.

This is a basic outline of what and how Affiliate Marketing can work. As you get involved, you will learn step by step to move forward – be persistent – it may take a year to see any money come in.

To learn more, you can study online, reading free info, and through trial and error – or you can invest in yourself to learn quicker by working with a coach that will guide you through the process.

I coach others to put structure to marketing and their on-line presence. Helping to attune their processes and activities. Showing how to get results. If you’ve thought you might benefit from a business coach, wonder no more. I over deliver, with your success forefront. In a fun way!

Donna Ward – A Jeneth Certified Business Coach, BSBM (Bachelor of Science – Information Systems- and Business Management) from University of Redlands’ School of Business

Visit my blog: coachingbusinessentrepreneur.com and Claim Your Free Mini-Course “List Building Blocks” — Rather you’re online and/or brick and mortar, growing your list is always part of your strategy. It is of extreme importance to your business life and growth.

Work From Home – The Best Way to Make Money


Work from home is no longer a housewife’s forte. A number of people irrespective of their work profiles and educational background are now setting up their businesses from the comfort of their homes. A number of KPO’s and Back Process Offices are outsourcing a lot of their work to these home based entrepreneurs as they find it to be a cost effective option. Salaried professionals and qualified engineers who have yearned for staying independent and be their own bosses are now starting a number of businesses online.

The internet has facilitated these budding business tycoons with all the information they need to start and operate their businesses. During the economic slowdown of 2009, many qualified people lost their jobs due to the frequent downsizing activities of Multinational companies. Since then, there is sense of uncertainty of job security in the manpower segment. Most salaried professionals know that they can lose their jobs at the stroke of pen and their contracts can be terminated within a matter of minutes. Thus, many of these professionals are now looking for greener pastures online. The work from home is slowly gaining prominence and few of them are even offering consultancy services online to respective MNC’s.

A number of web design and software companies even allow employees to submit their work assignment from home. Setting up business and operating from home is quite economical and involves less investment as compared to operating a business from a commercial space outdoors. Work from home is an ideal setting for qualified freelancers who prefer to work at their own time and pace.

All you need after setting up a work from home company is to adroit marketing and technical skills and dynamism to customize products as per the needs of your customers. Those who work from home are not just into software and abstract work; a number of them are involved in selling food grains, books and cosmetics, and even services like, freight cargo and financial services. Some are even involved in the heavy industries, such as cargo and automotive sector.

Another aspect of work from home is ACME Phone leads. Here all you require is the good communication skills and be able to acquire as many customers for your company as possible.

Basically, the work from home concept is a viable option for retired personnel who would like to earn some money to support themselves and stay independent. It is ideal for working professionals who would like to have flexible working hours. Work from home is also suitable option for students who pay for their own education and accommodation facilities. It is ideal for a stay at home mom who finds it difficult to balance her work and household duties. SEO and SMO companies are now hiring free lancers to do their marketing work. You can also expect the same amount of salary working from home that you would rather get working 8 to 12 hours at an MNC. Thus, you have the option of staying at home and still be able to earn money to support your family.

Tips For Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Easy At Home


It seems these days all the buzz is about the economy and the lack of jobs. With a worldwide recession that has lasted for a couple years now, more and more people are being forced to find new sources of income.

For many the internet is the most obvious solution because there are programs that don’t require a lot of money or technical expertise to get started. One of these programs is called affiliate marketing.

This article will provide some tips for affiliate marketing and how you can make money easy at home.

The beauty with this method is, not only do you NOT need a pocket full of money or to be a computer geek to get started, you don’t need to have your own product either. You simply sell someone else’s product or service and receive a commission for doing so.

You can make some decent money if your willing to do the work. When done properly you can make residual income from your efforts. So you keep getting paid over and over again from work you’ve already done.

When picking a product to sell, choose carefully as there are a ton of products to pick from. The idea is to sell a lot of quantity, so make sure there is a demand for your product. Remember this, people are looking for a product that solves a problem they have.

Bottom line is pick something that has a demand and make sure you have some knowledge about your product. If you aren’t familiar with it, then take the time to learn everything you can about it.

You can market your product several different ways:

Website….. create your own website and have a landing page with your affiliate link on it, or set it up to redirect to your product sales page.

Blog….. You can create a blog with blogger or WordPress. It’s free and will give you a webpage with your link on it and a unique web address.

Email – Newsletter….. If you have a list already, then you can send out a newsletter via e-mail to your list with your affiliate link on it. You could also do an ad broadcast via e-mail as well.

PPC Ad….. Set up an account with Google AdWords along with an ad and bid on some keywords. This is known as paid advertising. I would not recommend this method if you are new to affiliate marketing.

Most folks starting out don’t have a lot of money to throw at their online business. If that’s your situation don’t worry, because you’ll be able to drive traffic to your website, blog, or sales page for free.

Once you have decided on what market or niche to pursue, and determined whether to set up your own website or start with a blog, it’s all about traffic.

In tips for affiliate Marketing and how to make money easy at home we’ll mention a few of the free traffic methods. Again, if you are new to this biz, there is no need to be throwing loads of money into it.

Free Traffic Methods…..

Article Marketing….. simply write some quality content and submit it to some of the article marketing directories. Make sure the content is relevant to the title of your article and be 300 to 500 words in length.

Forums….. Find some forums relevant to your product. You can go to Google, type in your keyword followed by forum, and you’ll have many to choose from. Simply go to these forums and reply to other members threads and leave your affiliate link at the bottom.

Yahoo Answers….. Like the forum method, go to yahoo answers and search for questions members have posted that your product could help. Write good answers to these questions and once again leave your affiliate link.

E-Mail Signatures….. If you e-mail a lot, this is a good method. Here you simply go into your e-mail account and configure your e-mail signature. It could be your name, a link, or even an image. Every time you send an e-mail the recipient could see your signature link at the bottom and potentially click on it.

There are tons of effective traffic methods you can use. My suggestion is to pick 2 maybe 3 you like and stick with them. It’s not possible to use them all!

If you are wondering if it’s to late to get into the internet business world, the answer is NO. The internet is still a baby. At the present time internet traffic doubles every 100 days, so it’s just getting warmed up.

If you are like many people who are being forced to invent new ways of income, marketing online could very well be the answer. I hope these tips for affiliate marketing help you. If you’re willing to do the work, you really can make money easy at home!

Tips for Promoting Affiliate Products Without A Web Site


Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. There are many products and companies to choose from and you can sell either digital or physical products. Clickbank, one of the premier digital retailers, offers very high affiliate earnings upwards of 50%. By comparison, Amazon, another popular affiliate program for physical products, offers a percentage ranging from 4% and up. There are other affiliate programs that will pay you each time a visitor completes an action, such as completing an application or offer, even if that action does not result in a sale!

When you sign up as an affiliate, you will receive a special link which records clicks and sales. You, in essence, simply need to drive traffic to your affiliate link to generate sales. Traffic, and the ability to generate quality traffic, is key to successful affiliate promotions.

The affiliate link provided by the program will usually be long and unappealing to click on. At a minimum, you will want to purchase a domain name that is short, tailored for you, and then mask and forward your affiliate link. This does not require hosting and the company you purchase the domain from can help you with this. Having a domain name will make your link more user-friendly and more likely to get clicks.

If you cannot afford to purchase a domain, there are free link shorteners you can use. Some even allow you to customize the link so it is pertinent, and some provide free tracking as well.

So, an important step before you proceed any further is to have selected your product and then transform that long affiliate link into a shorter, more professional appearing link that will get clicked.

Now, you can begin to promote your affiliate program without a web site, in any of the following ways:

1. Social Networking. Twitter and Facebook have become important tools for affiliate marketers. You can find ebooks that have one topic: building a following! Imagine having thousands of followers on Twitter or Facebook and who are receptive to your suggestions when you recommend products or services! This is powerful and does not require a web site. Keep in mind, Twitter and Facebook users will be more tolerant of a free link shortener. If you are not using these two programs, join right away and work on building a following that you can later promote to. Myspace is another popular social networking site that can be used for internet marketing.

2. Forum Posting. Get involved in a several forums that pertain to the product you are promoting and begin to build a presence there. There is no cost involved, other than your time. Most forums allow users to place promotional links in their signature, which appear with every forum post. In fact, there are services where advertisers purchase forum signatures – a testimony to the power of frequent forum posting. If you post frequent relevant, helpful, insightful comments, you will see clicks on the link in your signature! Most forums allow HTML, provide instructions, and allow at least several lines. For popular threads in a forum, you can see traffic being generated even many months later!

3. Craigslist and other online classifieds. Many people now rely on the Internet in their search for information and products, and the phenomenal popularity of Craigslist is one example. When using online classifieds, keep your ad brief and to the point. Often, the less said the better. You want to tell them just enough to arouse curiosity so they will click on your link to find out more. There are many free online classifieds, and most also offer premium paid services as well. USfreeads, Backpage, Epage, Adpost, Ablewise, Oodle are a few. Some allow HTML and pictures. Whenever possible, include a picture to make your ad stand out.

4. Banner advertising. You can purchase banner advertising very inexpensively to get your affiliate link out there. Most affiliate programs will provide you with banners that you can use. Just be careful to check the terms. Some affiliate programs do require that banners be placed on a personal web site, while others do not. You can place banners in a banner exchange network very inexpensively and have your banner shown across the net and even target categories. 1800banners is a popular network.

5. Article marketing. This is another very popular and zero cost method, other than your time. Write and submit relevant articles to article directories. Each article will allow an author resource box in which you can place a promotional link. Some of the better directories will not permit a free link shortener, so you will have to have a domain name that masks the affiliate link. This method requires no financial outlay. The key is writing interesting articles in quantity. The potential with article submission is great because if your article is picked up by other webmasters and used, your exposure (and potential for sales) multiplies! If you have some finances at your disposal, you can have articles submitted on your behalf to hundreds of directories and save a great deal of time.

Each of these five methods can help drive traffic to your affiliate link. Remember that anything you do must be done in quantity! Post in forums multiple times daily. Show your banner thousands of times! You must write and submit many articles to many directories to generate enough clicks to result in sales.

Promoting affiliate products without a web site can be done. You may choose to only use these methods or use them as a stepping stone to having your own web site in the future.

A Guide To Making Money Online


Making money online is not always as easy as it is normally told. Like any other source of income, you need a great deal of commitment and hard work. You also need to love what you choose to do. The fundamental principle of making money online is similar to those of offline businesses. However, there are many advantages of putting up an online money making business over the conventional one.

First, you have to choose what you want to do. There is no method that is better than the other; it’s all about the input you put into your business and the decisions you make. While choosing an online money making initiative, make sure you choose something that you have passion about. This will always give you a drive to do business even when things are not upbeat. You also need to evaluate your abilities and any material input such as capital or products.

If you already have some products or services to offer online, then you are at a good position. Your product or service can greatly earn you money if you concentrate on marketing by using different channels of online marketing. However, even if you don’t have anything of your own to sell you can still do pretty well selling or promoting other people’s products and earning part of the profit.

One of the most imperative tools of making money on the internet is a website. Having a website puts you on a good advantage since you are able to showcase what you are offering to many people from different locations. Luckily, putting up a website nowadays is not costly. With a few dollars you can have a professionally looking website. Then you have to learn the rules of internet selling like putting up a shopping cart or establishing a network of marketers.

What Makes a Good Online Product


Just about any product can be sold online. But let’s be quite clear; some products sell much better than others. Let’s think about some product characteristics that both help and hurt products when selling online:

■ Price:weight ratio The price:weight ratio needs to be high; that is the price, in comparison to the weight, needs to be high. Books have a very high price:weight ratio—a book might be worth, say, $30/lb. Sugar might be around 35 cents/lb. The price:weight ratio issue is why it’s hard to sell sugar, cement, and charcoal online.

■ Availability Less available is good. Available everywhere is bad. That’s why it’s hard to sell candy bars online.

■ Information products Products that are essentially information sell well online. Books, reports, reference materials . . . even music is an information product, really. Why do they do well online? Because online technology provides a very efficient way to deliver information. It’s fast and it’s cheap. It’s no wonder that books were the first major product category online and remain one of the primary categories.

■ Complicated products requiring research The Internet is the perfect research tool, of course. Products that require careful selection—products with many different features—often do well online.

■ Wide selection of specialty products An example is one of the earliest small-biz successes, HotHotHot.com, an online success for  ver a decade. Sure, you can find hot sauce in any grocery store. But can you find Jamaican Hell Fire, Rigor Mortis Hot Sauce, 99%, or 3:00 AM? (The company provides 100 different brands.) Have you even heard of these? Another example is RedWagons.com. Certainly you can find two or three different Radio Flyer wagons in most toy stores, but where else can you find every Radio Flyer product made—steel wagons, plastic wagons, trikes, scooters, retro rockets, roadsters, and everything else?

■ Deals There’s a class of goods that crosses all classes, and even covers products that you might think of as Not Good Internet Products. If you can sell a particular product at a very low price, you may have a good Internet product. Hey, if you can get the price of sugar down low enough, you might be able to sell that online.

■ “Cool” products that sell themselves through word of mouth There are some products that are just so cool, people tell their friends. One company that gets fantastic word of mouth is ThinkGeek.com, which sells tons of really cool stuff (Figure 1-1). Another example of a great word-of-mouth site is Despair.com. This company sells products that people put on their office walls and laugh about with their friends.

■ No need to touch, smell, or even see clearly. Products that really require a close view generally don’t sell well online. That’s why it’s hard to sell furniture online and difficult to sell unique works of art or perfume. And that’s why well-known brands can sell online . . . because people know what they’re getting. In other words, although it’s hard to sell perfume that your potential buyers have never smelled, it’s not hard to sell
perfume from Christian Dior.

■ High value products are good. You may do better selling a $500 product than a $5 product. You’ll have less competition—making it easier to compete using Pay Per Click (see Chapter 22) and in natural search—and will make much higher “margins” (gross profit). Low-price products can be very difficult to deal with online. Think very seriously before selling anything below, say, $50, unless you’re pretty sure you can really pump
out high volumes.

■ Junk is hard to sell. This may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many merchants just post any kind of junk online and hope to make a business out of it. Mass produced statuettes of kittens from China, junk jewelry, handicrafts from the wilds of Wisconsin . . . come on, you can do better!

■ Products you understand and love. These are easier to sell. If you have a passion for skydiving, there’s a natural business for you selling skydiving products. Having said all that, it’s important to realize that every rule can be broken. Groceries can be sold online, for instance. Diamonds, products that most jewelers would say need to be looked at carefully before purchase, are selling very well online. And though Furniture.com crashed and the big grocery-store sites (PeaPod.com and WebVan.com) went down with it, some companies are selling furniture online and some companies are selling groceries online. (PeaPod, for instance, was bought up by a grocery chain.) So, you can break the rules. But you’d better have a good reason to believe that it will work.